Friday, January 16, 2015

Geolocalization Solutions

We have developed two complementary Geolocalization solutions.

BCockpit: Geo Social SRM – Stakeholder Relationship Management based on geolocalization of target companies. B2B focus. 

Urba Me: Urban social network with mobile app (user) & dashboard (companies). Business & Communication channel between companies and and all Urba Me´s users. B2C focus. 

Let´s see each one of these solutions separately.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Solucoes em Geolocalizacao

Desenvolvemos duas soluções complementares em Geolocalização

BCockpit: Social Geo SRM – Stakeholder Relationship Management baseado em geolocalização das empresas de interesse. Foco B2B 

Urba Me: Rede social urbana com aplicativo móvel (usuário) e dashboard (empresas). Canal de comunicação e de negócios entre as empresas e toda a população de usuário do Urba Me. Foco B2C 

Vejamos cada uma das soluções e seus benefícios em separado

Friday, December 05, 2014

BCockpit - Investors Deck (EN)

Dear Investors,

We would like to invite to know our elevator pitch about the following points: 

1. BCockpit
2. Problem / Solution
2. Market
3. Diferential before competitors
4. Business model
5. Team
6. Growth Expectation 
7. Need of Capital

Looking forward to hearing from you.