Thursday, March 26, 2009

World Economic Forum - Technology Report

The Report stresses the importance of ICT as a catalyst for growth in the current global turmoil

Denmark and Sweden once again lead the rankings of The Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009, released for the eighth consecutive year by the World Economic Forum. The United States follows suit, up one position from last year, thus confirming its pre-eminence in networked readiness in the current times of economic slowdown. Singapore (4), Switzerland (5) and the other Nordic countries together with the Netherlands and Canada complete the top 10.

The Report underlines that good education fundamentals and high levels of technological readiness and innovation are essential engines of growth needed to overcome the current economic crisis. Under the theme “Mobility in a Networked World”, this year’s Report places a particular focus on the relationship and interrelations between mobility and ICT.

With record coverage of 134 economies worldwide, the Report remains the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative international assessment of the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations.

The Report is produced by the World Economic Forum in cooperation with INSEAD, the leading international business school, and is sponsored by Cisco Systems.

The Networked Readiness - 2008/2009 - Rankings

Rankings 2008-2009 Top Ten

>> Rankings in full

Comparison: Denmark (1) x Brazil (59 out 134)

Variable Denmark Brazil
Venture capital availability 4.71 2.87
Financial market sophistication 6.32 5.97
Availability of latest technologies 6.51 4.83
State of cluster development 4.86 3.91
Utility patents (hard data) 71.06 0.47
High-tech exports (hard data) 12.65 6.11
Burden of government regulation 3.83 1.87
Extent and effect of taxation 2.51 1.70
Total tax rate (hard data) 29.90 69.40
Time required to start a business (hard data) 6.00 152.00
Number of procedures required to start a business (hard data) 4.00 18.00
Intensity of local competition 5.58 5.29
Freedom of the press 6.90 6.02
Accessibility of digital content 6.30 4.72
Effectiveness of law-making bodies 6.02 2.38
Laws relating to ICT 6.08 4.18
Judicial independence 6.52 3.81
Intellectual property protection 6.22 3.27
Efficiency of legal framework for disputes 6.30 3.00
Property rights 6.64 4.58
Quality of competition in the ISP sector 5.55 4.69
Number of procedures to enforce a contract (hard data) 34.00 45.00
Time to enforce a contract (hard data) 380.00 616.00
Telephone lines (hard data) 51.89 20.54
Secure Internet servers (hard data) 805.31 20.13
Electricity production (hard data) 6697.77 2157.20
Availability of scientists and engineers 5.31 4.41
Quality of scientific research institutions 5.64 4.33
Tertiary education enrollment (hard data) 79.94 25.48
Education expenditure (hard data) 8.14 4.29
Quality of math and science education 5.09 2.71
Quality of the educational system 5.81 2.70
Internet access in schools 6.16 3.39
Buyer sophistication 5.07 3.62
Residential telephone connection charge (hard data) 0.33 0.50
Residential monthly telephone subscription (hard data) 0.50 4.01
High-speed monthly broadband subscription (hard data) 1.58 20.21
Lowest cost of broadband (hard data) 0.08 0.42
Cost of mobile telephone call (hard data) 0.00 0.37
Extent of staff training 5.85 4.30
Local availability of specialized research and training services 5.77 4.86
Quality of management schools 5.63 4.24
Company spending on R&D 5.62 3.87
University-industry research collaboration 5.30 3.55
Business telephone connection charge (hard data) 0.33 0.50
Business monthly telephone subscription (hard data) 0.50 6.49
Local supplier quality 5.92 5.14
Local supplier quantity 5.51 5.53
Computer 34.84 45.63
Government prioritization of ICT 6.23 4.13
Government procurement of advanced technology products 4.54 3.39
Importance of ICT to government vision of the future 5.65 3.99
E-Government Readiness Index (hard data) 0.91 0.57
Mobile telephone subscribers (hard data) 114.71 63.08
Personal computers (hard data) 72.75 16.09
Broadband Internet subscribers (hard data) 36.33 4.22
Internet users (hard data) 64.31 26.07
Internet bandwidth (hard data) 346.02 1.50
Prevalence of foreign technology licensing 6.09 4.90
Firm-level technology absorption 6.20 5.25
Capacity for innovation 5.52 4.02
Availability of new telephone lines 6.89 6.18
Extent of business Internet use 6.04 4.94
Government success in ICT promotion 5.58 4.15
Availability of government online services 6.18 5.21
ICT use and government efficiency 5.92 4.59
Presence of ICT in government offices 6.18 4.68
E-Participation Index (hard data) 0.93 0.45

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boat Tour at Cagarras Islands

Program: Boat tour at Cagarras Islands, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

Day: April 05, 2009 (sunday)

Embark/Disembark: Marina da Glória

Check-in: 9h30

Departure/Arrival: 10h / 16h (approximately)

Schedule: sight-seeing via Marina da Glória, following directly to Cagarras Islands, non stop, in private tourism boat. By reaching Rasa Islands, we will stop for snorkling and photos. After crossing the archipelago, next to other islands, another stop for more photos.

Recommendations: Light and bath clothes, sun protector, camera and snorkling equipment (optional, may you have it)

Value: R$ 100,00 per person. Minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 people.

Included: Tourism boat, guide tours, stop for free diving. Fruits, beverages & snacks at will.

Advanced payment: up to 48h
Name: Usina Criativa Com. e Turismo Ltda.
Bank: Itaú, Account: 08992-6, Branch: 2901


Marcelo Castro
Cel: 21 9392 9203 or 8734 0581

Monday, March 09, 2009

10 reasons to become CNO Group member

Roger Mussa and I have created a CNO Group on LinkedIN recently. This group was designed for special and ambitious professionals. We are very focused on quality rather than quantity.

If you,

1. have distinguished shinning eyes;

2. feel that, despite good performance, your existing responsibilities are not the best match for your true profile and core competences;

3. heard the CNO call and want to learn more;

4. are a senior executive looking for a new career path towards C level;

5. are an executive women willing to grow quickly inside corporate world;

6. are a project manager with a human touch towards your work;

7. want to run your venture following a different approach to business;

8. easily understand the powerful combination between real world and online presence;

9. naturally act as a CNO without even knowing about it;

10. want to help spreading the word about CNO concept globally

Then, CNO group is the right place for you.

Be the most welcome!

Octavio Pitaluga Neto
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sharing CNO experience

Dear all,

I will tell my CNO story and how everything started 4 years ago. I strongly encourage you to do the same here.

I have been always working in international business and marketing in my corporate career. However, I´ve always felt that there was something missing.

When I saw the dawn of social networks businesses, I immediately knew that was the line of business I should pursue for my lifetime from that moment on.

Once, I posted in a forum about having a CNO inside corporations. The response was overwhelming. I knew I had hit something that could become big.

I wrote an article entitled "CNO, the future leader" which was published in a very prestigous Brazilian magazine named Mundo PM, Jun/Jul 2007. It was the cover article and the magazine broke its sales record.

Then, I translated this article into both English and Spanish and added 3 paragraphs in the topic "Responsibilities" on Wikipedia (English version). Since then, it has been there without further modifications.

Meantime, I met Selma Prodanovic via social networks and learnt about her women CNO meetings in Europe. I humbly contributed to her book about social media and its impact in the new corporate management. The book will be lauched in April 2009. Stay tuned!

I also created a full portfolio around CNO concept and business networks methodology.

Getting more international, I presented the CNO concept at Think Tomorrow in Brussels in June 2008.

Besides training and coaching, I have been running my own social network - TEN - Top Executives Net - for two year now and have created a calendar of TEN Happy-Hours in Rio.

How about you?

Looking forward to learning from you too.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga Neto
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
TEN Group on LinkedIN
CNO Group on LinkedIN

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Social Media Numbers

Please check this white paper The Truth is in the Social Media Numbers.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

What object better represents relationships?

A crystal vase, in my opinion
(talking about the true thing only)

They are carefully made
Very special and delicate
A masterpiece

They are like no other
They can not be copied
They are unique

Although we may think
they are commodities
and can be easily found
Not at all

Take care of your relationships
They may look strong
But they are very fragile

Never ever risk them
Avoid any damage
Once it is broken
It might be forever lost

They are your way
towards lifetime wealth
Treat them with excellence
And life will take care of you

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What object better represents life?

In my humble opinion: conventional photo rolls

When you are born,
God gives you a certain time on earth
You do not know for how long you will stay
Nobody does

As if God gives you one of these rolls and says
"This is your life
Go and get the best out of it
Build, love, cry, smile,
Have fun, make the difference
Be yourself, Laugh,
Develop new relations
and come back later
to show me what you got"

God is always generous
However, for some of us
He gives a 12-photo film
These fellows will have
just a short period of time
to do something

Others are luckier
They will have a 24-photo film
These will have more time
to create a legacy

The great majority of us
Will receive a 36-photo film
We will have time to live
a normal and great life

Finally, God will allow another minority
to stay far long enough
in order to go beyond
in order to live an extraordinary life

Life is always related to time
Time is all what we get in common
While we are still around
Poor or rich

At the end
We will come back to God
With a developed film
or even a numbe of
photo albuns to show

As long as we are here
Let´s make friends,
Develop people,
Love one another,
Strenght relationships

Clean our hearts
Be proud of ourselves
Life is a blessing
We deserve the best of it

Carpe Diem!