Saturday, June 25, 2005

Leadership workshop at AIESEC Brazil

On May 14th 2005, it was my great pleasure to participate at CONADE 2005, AIESEC Brasil´s National Congress. AIESEC, the biggest undergraduates organization worldwide, is the international platform for youths to discover and develop their potentials aiming to create a positive impact on local society via professional exchange program. I presented a 3,5-hour workshop about Team Leadership based on Coaching methodology and positioning the Coach as a leadership style which is the best fit such such a young, dynamic and highly international organization as AIESEC is.

The reason to implement this workshop was that many goals initially set previously have not been reached given some gap between knowledge and experience among some regionals. Therefore, this workshop was designed at four hands with AIESEC Brazil´s General Presidency and presented to AIESEC´s 22 Regional Presidents. The goal was to allign the knowledge about Coaching methodology concerning team management in a way that common vision and targets take a unique direction inside the whole organization.

It was very grateful to realize seriousness and commitment with the purpose of this workshop clearly identified in the look and faces of all those young leaders. For many of them, AIESEC offers the first real opportunity to lead. This leadership is legitimate and conquered by election among peers. I felt a sincere interest in absorving and implementing promptly the introduced Coaching concepts in all regionals´ daily activities.

I suggested that each of those Regional Presidents introduced my material to their teams aiming to create an unique identity. As I said in the workshop, the true leader is able to generate new leaderships. Leadeing by serving his/her team. I have been receiving a couple of e-mails showing that I have sowed in ultra-fertile soil and that AIESEC Brasil will harvest good results very soon. It´s a great emotion to contribuite in a very simple way to people´s leverage.

Thanks for your kind attention. Best regards,

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