Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Leadership, team and business leverage

The leader must focus 80% of his/her time on 20% of his/her core business and invest the remaining 20% time left coaching a high performance team, which will do 80% of tasks that will make the business effectively operational and profitable.

Team Leverage

Within six leadership styles described in Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee´s book "“Primal Leadership", the profiles which have more chances of creating this possibility are the Visionnairy and the Coach. On one hand, The Visionnairy leader inspires colaborators to believe in the vision, emphatizes and explains how and why people´s efforts contributes to the dream. Your style creates resonance moving people towards the shared dreams. On the other hand, The Coach leader listens, encourages, helps people to identify their own strengthens and weaknesses and delegates tasks. His/her style creates resonance conecting what people want with organization´s objectives. This style is specially recommended because it helps competent and motivated employees to improve their performance generating long term skills.

The quality of leadership and team itself is paramount. Leader and team must be highly sinchronized and in the same tune. When this happens, the company experiences the leverage, and, in consequence, the creation of multiple wealth to the benefit of all stakeholders. There is a direct relation between leadership, team quality as one of the main elements in the leverage and business acceleration.

As Business Coach focused on, preferably, companies and business with international ambition, I understand that one of the major steps to be overcome is the leadership, the definition if a winning team, the fine tunning between the leader and his/her team in order to enjoy a successful venture in the international arena.

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