Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DOs versus DON´Ts on TEN Top Executives Net

Wealth = Value x Leverage. Value is found in the profissional contribution of each member. One of leverage mechanisms is via network expansion. Therefere, the more value is added by each member of TEN and the higher is the quality of its top executives, the bigger wealth will be created inside TEN. Please find below some quick hints about high added value attitude and some eventual mistakes to be avoided. If everybody follows this check-list, we all will enrich inside TEN by all means.


  1. Complete your profile with photo stating offer/demand, keywords and about me.
  2. Introduce your clear and unique value proposition in About me including photos, logos, links etc...
  3. Join or even moderate group(s) related to your expertise
  4. Write article regularly showing your experince and increasing your visibility
  5. Offer some sort of courtesy / free-trial
  6. Record videos, upload them into You Tube or Google Vídeos and insert their respective link on TEN
  7. Upload photos and articles of general interest
  8. Use Visual Space to find members with commom interests
  9. Welcome members in a professional way introducing the reason of your contact
  10. Thank and reply asap whenever you are contacted by other member
  11. Look into contact person´s profile, schedule a telcon/skype call considering his/her offer/demand and creating a win-win situation for both.
  12. Offer a lead or even a hint on how to better use TEN more efficiently.
  13. Introduce other professionals inside TEN
  14. Invite your friends who are in line with our value proposition. We look for high value executives.
  15. Keep communication alive even though you may need to renegotiate any previously agreed point due to drastic changes in the initial environment.
  16. Keep your promisses.
  17. Organize local networking events
  18. Add value and lead by serving your network


  1. Not fullfiment of your profile, no photo, no offer/demand, nothing about you
  2. No information about your unique value proposition. If you do not introduce yourself, nothing will ever happen. Your choice.
  3. No return to TEN and adopt a "just taking, taking, never sharing, never giving" attitude
  4. Just look for cortesies without offering anything in return. The more one gives, the more one receives.
  5. Forget to return a contact inside platform quickly
  6. Not to analyse previously another person´s profile in order to better understand his/her needs
  7. Try to impose your own will without consideration other person´s value (win-lose)
  8. Failure in keeping your promisses
  9. Avoid asking for a job openly. Conversely, offer your value proposition, experience and expertise showing case your professional capacity
  10. Avoid quarrels. The consequences might be painful before the crowd

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