Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TEN News no. 1 - March 2007

Dear all,

We are pleased to publish our first newsletter, in which we wish to share with you the recent updates and new developments, while communicating our unique value proposition. It is a two-way communication tool and we welcome and value your feed-back.

1. Welcome ! Firstly, we would like to thank each member for investing in TEN and making our first weeks such a resounding success. You are very important to us.

2. Global presence: We are pleased to inform you that the TEN membership spans 63 countries and was achieved wi! thin six weeks. We have created business groups for most of them. If there is any country-group missing and you are willing to (co)-moderate it, please let us know.

3. Top countries stats (total 63):
Brazil - 29%
U.S.A. - 18%
United Kingdom - 7%
Netherlands - 6%
India - 5%
Others - 35 %

4. TEN in Spanish: Thanks to the invaluable contribution of Alejandro Silva, we have already started translating TEN into Spanish and hope to offer this additional language soon. Meantime, please feel free to post your articles, blogs, wikis and videos in Spanish as well.

5. Endorsements: We are proud to share some of the generous testimonials members have freely submitted:

“Your site does not only provide insight for the world how Latin America can be approached and profiled in a very professional way, it provides for a rich functionality which in various cases exceeds of what other Social Business Networks have been able to offer to their users.”

“You rank to me in the TOP1 and I am sure you will be as popular as LinkedIn in no time. One difference, you guys seem to be better equipped with technology which gives value to the business community. Again congratulations.”

“I think is a great initiative to build and Latin American/European team of professionals to face business projects or cooperations.”

“It is the first time experience that I had receiving a message from the of a community portal as I have always received server messages only :) I appreciate you getting back to me on a personal note...

“I found the TEN site Friday and think it is wonderful!! I actually consult on Social Networks and wrote up a blog about the TEN network!! You can find the write up here !!

“It will certainly help us abridge the communication gap and expedite connections and business. Latin America and especially Brazilian professionals can attract some attention.”

We thank you all for your kindness. Your endorsements and positive feed-back just inspire us and motivate us to think of new and better ways to add value to you continuously. Read more...

6. Special launch promotion: We kindly remind you of our special membership offer. Please upgrade until April 30th 2007 midnight CET time (one additional month) and enjoy TEN for 12 months paying for 6 months only, ie, U$ 25,00/person. Please do not miss it. Read more...

7. New membership table: From May 01st, 2007 onwards, it will be :
3-month: U$ 15/person
6-month: U$ 25/person
12-month: U$ 40/person

8. Group package: In order to expand our network very fast, we are creating a special and permanent win-win promotion offering 6 and 12 months free membership. It works as follows: you bring a minimum number of 8 or 10 paying members. Your friends will pay for 3 or 6-month membership and will enjoy 6 or 12-month membership as much as you will do so too. However, please send us your friend´s list in advance and let us know when all of them have confirmed their memberships. Thus, we will upgrade all of you at once. Please use your invitation personal link in order to facilitate our tracking down. Read more...

9. Online advertising: Finally, we are glad to announce that our online advertising area on the home page is about to be inaugurated very soon. We have basically two opportunities for 6 and 12 months respectivelly. May you happen to be interested in maximizing the exposure of your business inside TEN, please talk to us.

Please feel free to forward this message to your business partners and other top executives in your network. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer

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