Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TEN NEWS - July, 2008

Dear all,

Our trip to Europe in June was fantastic!. We decided to stay only in Brussels. It was a great pleasure to participate at Think Tomorrow and Business ICT Breakfast besides meeting some TEN members in Brussels. This trip will prove to be a milestone in TEN´s history very soon.

1. Think Tomorrow: An De Jonghe made a superb job gathering so many interesting people together at Think Tomorrow. Congratulations! See photos.

2. Business ICT Breakfast: It was our great pleasure and honor to share our experience about online social networks at the first Business ICT Breakfast. See photos.

3. The Connections Show podcast: Australia based, Stan Relihan, has created a great interviewing show about online social networks, which currently #3 on the list of Most Popular Businsss Podcasts at Digg.com (ahead of BusinessWeek and WIRED News). Listen carefully.

4. Webminars (PT): Tireless, Tatiana Mattos presents a nice calendar of online events starting today. Please check them out.

5. Success stories: Rick Weaver is looking for entrepreneurial success stories for his new book. Let´s see how many TEN members will appear at Rick´s book. Read more....

6. Clubs and Associations in Luxembourg: Rob Bigdowski is always sharing relevant business information about Luxembourg. This time is about clubs and associations for ex-pats. Read more...

7. Searching and Job hunting: It was my great pleasure to meet Gordon Lokenberg in Brussels recently. He brings his own view concerning social media and job hunting and created a wiki to discuss about searching techniques. Enjoy!

8. Job opportunities: We have a couple of job opportunities as follows:

* Al Siano is looking for Counterparty Risk Manager, fluent Spanish/English, based in Miami
* Ricardo Camargo has a vacancy for General Manager, fluent Portuguese/English, nearby São Paulo.

9. Slidecasting: It is the nice combination of slideshow + podcast mp3. It can be used to prepare from small institutional and/or sales presentations to webminars. Have you ever experienced it? Read more...

10. The Cluetrain Manifesto celebrates 10 years: John Veitch shares an interesting document which celebrates 10 years of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Read more...

Please feel free to forward this message to your business partners and other top executives in your network. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer

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