Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 Good Reasons to Increase your Online Network

The great majority of professionals is still skeptical about the power of a sizeable online network developed on several and complementary social networks. In short, let´s take a look into 7 good reasons to do that:

  1. Visibility: the wider your network is, the higher your ranking is and the easier is to find you via search functionality
  2. Attractiveness: it is a result of your improved visibility. People become curious about you.
  3. Speed: The more people you are connected to, the faster it is to reach your ideal network.
  4. Scope: you can become a global player overnight.
  5. Who knows whom: social networks make your life faster showing better routes to reach professionals of your primary interest
  6. Referrals: the wider your online network is, the easier it is to find the right people to refer to your name nicely before the person you are looking for. Have and even use alternative routes to reach your "dream-come-true" network.
  7. Accessibility: Reach and be reached quickly. You never know how quick you need your network to support your mission and vision.
I sincerely hope that this quick and direct guideline may lead you to experience quick online network growth reaching 1.000 new contacts in just two weeks. Then, I would be delighted to hear your outcome.

The beauty of this approach is that it is applicable to professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and even top executives of large corporations.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
TEN - Top Executives Net

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