Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 New Habits

As a result of TEN Happy-Hours, we have been observing some new and very positive habits about our members. They ...:
  1. .. become members of TEN and other social networks
  2. .. bring their friends along
  3. .. exchange their business cards
  4. .. lose shyness and communicate better among themselves
  5. .. meet TEN members in other venues later on
  6. .. take note of TEN events calendar: indoor & outdoor
  7. .. do business among themselves
  8. .. build trust in the process
  9. .. start acting as unofficial Chief Networking Officer unconciously
  10. .. spread the word around
So, TEN Happy-Hour is a success because it is a free demo of all tangible and untangible benefits of Business Networks Management and Social Networks to individuals and corporations.

Please come, meet us, experience TEN Happy-Hour and develop new and positive habits for your personal and professional lives.

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