Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Tips for TEN Happy-Hours

We have been organizing TEN Happy-Hours (photos) in Brazil for almost one year now. We have experienced it 10 editions in Rio de Janeiro, 1 edition in São Paulo and will launch it in Curitiba within this week.

We have noticed that only a few professionals really understand and benefit from these opportunities. Perhaps, it´s lack of proper awareness of what is really going on. So, in order to help you to maximize on your joining us, we decided to write down some simple tips. If everybody follow them and always bring value to all participants, we will enjoy a great experience together.

Before TEN Happy-Hour
1. Join TEN - Top Executives Net and register online for the specific TEN Happy-Hour
2. Complete your profile with photo
3. Send the invitation to your peers (be selective)
4. Bring at least one person (we recommend to bring a happy client or business partner, who can tell others how good you are in what you do - indirect sell)
5. Post one video on TEN about your work or something you really love. You will appear on TEN´s home page. This simple fact will increase your visibility before members and visitors.

TEN Happy-Hour
6. Be yourself, open and friendly. Approach people naturally.
7. Introduce yourself and your friends while exchanging business cards (Yes, bring business cards with you, of course) . You may even mention your video on TEN.
8. Spend in average 10 minutes with one new contact as time flies very fast during the event. You are just ice-breaking. You will neither sell/buy anything nor get a new job there.

1 day After TEN Happy-Hour
9. Go to the presence list and send a kind note to all attendees. Some of them you talked in person. Others, you can schedule a later talk or just meet next time. This simple fact will make members visit your profile and think of business ideas with you.
10. Spread TEN´s traditional thank you note to your peers and invite them to register on TEN and be aware of our upcoming TEN Happy-Hour calendar.

As one can easily see, it can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere. It´s a just a matter of experiencing a new approach to life and develop healthier habits.

May God bless your life and business!

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