Thursday, March 25, 2010

In-Company Social Networking Training via Skype

We have identified a strong demand for in-company social networking training. Without losing quality of interaction with the audience but, aiming to save in commuting, lodging and food costs, besides offering flexibility of day & time for sessions, we conceived a long distance training via Skype as follows:

  • Long Distance Format
    • Profissionals will be at the company as per scheduled day(s) / time(s);
    • Company will provide a room + datashow + pc + screen;
    • We will use the sharing application of Skype in order to make the presentation;
    • Attendees will see several screens and take note of instructions;
    • Only one moderator will ask questions.
  • Duration: we suggest 2 sessions of 1h45m each. Dates/Times to be mutually agreed.
  • Target audience: profissionals in any stage of career or business that want to acquire practical and direct knowledge of social networking applied to business, career and politics.

VERY IMPORTANT: We will have one person from our team visting the company to check the number of participants.

Please get in touch in order to request for a customized proposal according to your specific needs.

Looking forward to serving you soon,

Octavio Pitaluga Neto
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
Skype: octaviopitaluga

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