Saturday, April 05, 2008

TEN NEWS - April, 2008

Dear all,
Time has past quickly since we first launched TEN a year ago. We have worked hard at delivering our members interesting news and an improved approach to business networking online. Now we are going live too and one major change you will appreciate is that we are going to focus more on organising corporate events which our members have requested for frequent networking. The first offerings will be calendar of happy-hours for young professionals in Brazil, Think Tomorrow in Brussels and SaVVy Club events in the UK.

1. Young Professionals Happy-Hour: Thanks to Camille Richardson´s invaluable support, we are initiating a calendar of young professionals happy-hours at JW Marriott in Rio de Janeiro city. The first event will happen on Apr 17th and is limited to 60 people only. Register right now.

2. Think Tomorrow: Visionary and entrepreneur, An De Jonghe was quick to understand how social networks will impact organizations and individuals by changing their approach to business, recruiting, job seeking, socializing and entertaining. She organized "Think Tomorrow" to open up a global debate that will help everyone nderstand and appreciate the possibilities for business today. Be an early bid and register right now.

3. SaVVy Club: Led by Kim Rix, SaVVy Club is offering a series of quite interesing events in London.

4. Dengue Fever: It is about time to literally "give blood" for a humanitarian cause. I will give my humble contribution to save lives in Rio de Janeiro city. Who would like to join me tomorrow or sunday? Read more.....

5. TEN Young Professionals Groups : In order to facilitate the organization, communication and registration of members for our happy-hours, we have created TEN Young Professionals - RJ and TEN Young Professionals - SP. May you happen to be located in Rio de Janeiro and/or São Paulo, please upload your photo, complete your profile, join these groups and invite your peers to participate in our happy-hours. We sincerely hope to hear a lot of success stories soon afterwards.

6. TEN Groups: Interesting to see our passive growth in other complementary platforms as well: LinkedIN 4.125+, Facebook 125+ and Pulse 65+. On LinkedIN, e.g., we have been welcoming 100-200 new members/day everyday. Please join these groups as well.

7. Devalued U.S. Dollar: Rick Weaver is quite interested in knowing how a weaker U.S. Dollar has been impacting your business. Read more...
8. Eventos Online (Port): Tatiana Mattos has a very nice webconferencing platfom, Netsalas, where she hosts a calendar of online events. She has even interviewed me via webconferencing.

9. Sales channels: Some members are looking for sales channels / business partners for their respective products and/or services:
10. Career resources: Wendy Belancourt kindly shared with us a list of Latin American specific resources for those executives who are conducting career search activities. Read more...

11. Animated Video-CV: Amit Mendelsohn published his own animated video-CV here. Video-CV is another medium to introduce oneself emphasizing a creative approach to job seekers. Amit is a wizard in many fields related to technology. He is kindly making a special offer to TEN members. Enjoy it as much as I have done recently.

12. Internet TV: Speaking of innovation, Charlotte Copeman invites us to consider Internet TV as a new medium to promote our business online. Read more...

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