Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What object better represents life?

In my humble opinion: conventional photo rolls

When you are born,
God gives you a certain time on earth
You do not know for how long you will stay
Nobody does

As if God gives you one of these rolls and says
"This is your life
Go and get the best out of it
Build, love, cry, smile,
Have fun, make the difference
Be yourself, Laugh,
Develop new relations
and come back later
to show me what you got"

God is always generous
However, for some of us
He gives a 12-photo film
These fellows will have
just a short period of time
to do something

Others are luckier
They will have a 24-photo film
These will have more time
to create a legacy

The great majority of us
Will receive a 36-photo film
We will have time to live
a normal and great life

Finally, God will allow another minority
to stay far long enough
in order to go beyond
in order to live an extraordinary life

Life is always related to time
Time is all what we get in common
While we are still around
Poor or rich

At the end
We will come back to God
With a developed film
or even a numbe of
photo albuns to show

As long as we are here
Let´s make friends,
Develop people,
Love one another,
Strenght relationships

Clean our hearts
Be proud of ourselves
Life is a blessing
We deserve the best of it

Carpe Diem!

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