Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sharing CNO experience

Dear all,

I will tell my CNO story and how everything started 4 years ago. I strongly encourage you to do the same here.

I have been always working in international business and marketing in my corporate career. However, I´ve always felt that there was something missing.

When I saw the dawn of social networks businesses, I immediately knew that was the line of business I should pursue for my lifetime from that moment on.

Once, I posted in a forum about having a CNO inside corporations. The response was overwhelming. I knew I had hit something that could become big.

I wrote an article entitled "CNO, the future leader" which was published in a very prestigous Brazilian magazine named Mundo PM, Jun/Jul 2007. It was the cover article and the magazine broke its sales record.

Then, I translated this article into both English and Spanish and added 3 paragraphs in the topic "Responsibilities" on Wikipedia (English version). Since then, it has been there without further modifications.

Meantime, I met Selma Prodanovic via social networks and learnt about her women CNO meetings in Europe. I humbly contributed to her book about social media and its impact in the new corporate management. The book will be lauched in April 2009. Stay tuned!

I also created a full portfolio around CNO concept and business networks methodology.

Getting more international, I presented the CNO concept at Think Tomorrow in Brussels in June 2008.

Besides training and coaching, I have been running my own social network - TEN - Top Executives Net - for two year now and have created a calendar of TEN Happy-Hours in Rio.

How about you?

Looking forward to learning from you too.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga Neto
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
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