Friday, May 22, 2009

Brainsbook on Networking

Selma Prodanovic, Chief Networking Officer of Brainswork initiated the internet platform almost a year ago. Now, she is proud to present the printed result: the Brainsbook on Networking, the printed edition of the world's first Brainsbook, inspired by leading experts and written by an international community of internet users, with ideas, thoughts and knowledge on networking. These are real tips and experiences by real people - a book filled back-to-back with contributions as diverse as networking itself!

Among the 40 authors from 15 countries are top-class experts such as Bernd Baumgartl, Kristin Engvig, Martina Gleissenebner, Lydia Goutas, Bec Hamilton, Tom Merilahti, Muhamed Mesic, Ivan Misner, Resad Paya Pasic, Octavio Pitaluga Neto, Rachel Sterne, Stephanie Ward, Katrin Zita and editor Selma Prodanovic.

Whether you're a newcomer to the world of networking or a network management professional, this limited special edition brings you the whole momentum - and an idea of common knowledge - from an intercultural world. With contributions in English or German, the Brainsbook has just the ingredients you need to feed your thoughts and boost your networking performance!

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SedonaCyberLink said...

It is interesting how with Social Networking the traditional lines between public and private life has become blurred. There is so much potential in these online virtual communities...that, business are now recognizing the important role that they play for each of their employees.