Sunday, November 16, 2008

And what comes next?

After the first successful happy-hours when the organizer will have nice photos and testimonials posted everywhere, it´s time to start:
  1. Considering new formats, e.g., two events every 15 days with with different approach (a) business with small lectures (2) and (b) more social, open networking event;
  2. Expanding your network in the chosen social networks. Focus your invitations on social networks because it makes easier to control attendees list;
  3. Emailing all other who are outside social networks showing evidences of your events;
  4. Scheduling 1:2:1 meetings with those who are genuinely interested in becoming your friend and/or business partner;
  5. Recruiting some supporters who will participate in all events and bring new people in.
The show must go on! Understand that people have needs, timing, motivations and expectations. The organizer is just offering a free trial experience with newcomers. Some people will click right away (a minority) while the great majority will not get it and may need to come over and over again until they get the real essence of CNO - Chief Networking Officer´s work, i.e., leading by serving people in an open and democratic environment.

As the calendar evolves naturally, people will discover that they found a nice and controlled environment where they can meet high quality and reliable people. All the rest is consequence.

Enjoy life!

Octavio Pitaluga
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
TEN - Top Executives Net

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