Sunday, November 09, 2008

How to organize cool happy-hours

As you can see in recent posts, TEN has started organizing executive happy-hours in Rio de Janeiro (see photos and testimonials:

The great majority of participants came from invitations posted on online social networks. There a couple of distinguished social networks and a good number of quality people dormant inside them just waiting for a call. We decided to be this call. The good result encourages us to move forward.

In order to share this positive experience, we will write a couple of articles giving some hints in order to set up the same model in your region. We will talk about 4 phases:
  1. How to start
  2. During happy-hour
  3. Post event
  4. What is next...

May you wish to roll-out the same model in your region, please skype us for further assistance.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
TEN - Top Executives Net

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