Monday, November 17, 2008

Does Business Networks Management work?

Of course, it does work very well indeed. As long as the leader is skillful enough to develop a win-win conversation with all concerned stakeholders. This joke below portraits clearly well how to allign needs, motivations and interests in order to create a new and more interesting scenario.

Jacob and Judith had a 30 years old son named Moishe, who didn´t get married up yet. Everyone in the family was asking why he didn´t find a nice jewish woman ("or even a gentile, as long as it is a woman", they said) so far.

One day Jacob says to Moishe during breakfast: "Son, I have found you a wonderful woman so you can marry !"
Moishe: "Dad, I don´t want to marry just ´cause you say so !"
Jacob: "Moishe, she is Bill Gates' daughter !"
Moishe: "Well.. if you put that way, then I think its fine !"

When Jacob gets to his office, he calls Bill Gates and says:"Bill, I have found a great husband for your daughter !"
Bill Gates: "Jacob, I know you are a good friend, but you must remember my daughter is a little girl.. she cannot just marry anybody !"
Jacob: "Bill, this boy is vice-president of an international bank !"
Bill Gates: "Oh well.. if you put that way, then its fine !"

5 minutes later Jacob calls Isaac, his old friend, owner of an international bank, and says "Isaac, my old friend. I remembered you today.. I found a great boy to be your vice-president !"
Isaac: "Jacob, I have seen plenty of them.. thank you, but no"
Jacob: "Isaac, this one is different.. he is Bill Gates' son-in-law !!"

Yes, the joke fails in terms of taking into account Bill Gates´daughter´s opinion, another very important stakeholder but let´s assume that she was also happy with the proposal. Counting on your nice sense of humour.

Have fun!

Octavio Pitaluga
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
TEN - Top Executives Net

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