Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is there evil?

During a conference with several academics, a professor at the University of Berlin challenged his students with this question:
'God created everything that exists? "

A student responded with great certainty:
-Yes, he has created!

-God created everything?
Asked the teacher again.

-Yes sir, replied the young.
The teacher asked:

-If God created everything, then God made evil? Because evil exists, and on the precept that our works are a reflection of ourselves, then God is evil?

The student was silent before such a response and the teacher, happily have proved once again that faith was a waste of time.

Another student raised his hand and said:
-Can I ask a question, professor?

-Of course, the answer was the teacher.
He was standing and asked:

-Professor, does cold exist?
What question is this? Of course it does, or by chance haven´t you ever felt cold?

With some imposing tone, the boy replied:
-Indeed, sir, cold does not exist. Under the laws of physics, what we consider cold, in fact, is the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when has or transmits energy, heat is so that this body has or transmits energy. The absolute zero is the total and absolute absence of heat, all bodies are inert, incapable of reacting, but the cold does not exist. We have created this definition to describe how we feel if we do not have heat.

-And is there darkness? The student continued.
The teacher replied fearing a continuation of the student: Yes, there is!

The student replied:
Again, another mistake, sir, there is also no darkness. The darkness is, in reality, the absence of light. The light can be studied, not the darkness! There is even a prism of Nichols to break white light into many colors that it is composed, with its waves of different lengths. The darkness does not!

-A simple ray of light through the darkness illuminates the surface where the ray of light ends.
How can you know how dark is a determined area? Based on the amount of light in this space, is not? Darkness is a definition that man developed to describe what happens when there is no presence of light.

Finally, the young asked the teacher:
-Lord, does evil exist?
Sure that for this question the student would not have an explanation, the professor replied:
- Of course, it does!. As I said from the beginning, we have rape, crime and violence all around the world, these things are of evil!

With a smile on his face the student replied:
There is no-evil, sir, at least there isn´t for itself. The evil is simply the absence of the good, it is the same as the previous cases, evil is a definition that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. It is not as faith or as love that exist as exist heat and light. The evil is the result of humanity not have God presence in their hearts. It is like the cold when there is no heat or the darkness where there is no light.

Around the years 1900, the crowd standed and applauded this young man and the teacher just shaked his head remaining silent ... Immediately the director went to that young man and asked what his name was.

And he replied:
Albert Einstein

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