Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TEN Happy-Hour Jan 2009 / Thank you!

Dear all,

We took the freedom to bcc you all in respect to your privacy.

1. We would like to thank you all for making TEN Happy-Hour on Jan 15th, 2009 another big hit.

2. Please check photos of all events.

3. We strongly encourage you to join TEN - Top Executives Net in order to continue communicating among yourselves. In addition, kindly register for TEN Rio de Janeiro group in order to make our life much easier for future invitations and reminders.

4. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Mentha for future TEN Happy-Hours. It will happen every 2nd tuesday of the month from now on. Please bring your friends (minimum 1 woman & 1 man) plus business cards along.

5. Next events posted on TEN Rio de Janeiro. Please register now!

May you wish to know more about our expertise of Business Networks Management & Social Networks, please click on the recommended links of this blog.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga Neto
TEN - Top Executives Net
CNO - Chief Networking Officer

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