Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TEN Happy-Hours Q1 2009

Based on successful experience we have seen before in Europe, we knew that TEN Happy-Hour should define regular:
  • Place: changing it confuses people.
  • Time: always from 7 to 11PM
  • Day of the week/month: in order to create a tradition. 2nd tuesday
We listened to our audience when they asked us to organize TEN Happy-Hours (photos & videos) in other venues in Rio. With great respect for all of them, we concluded that Mentha scored higher in all main points which are important to both organizers and attendees.

For this reason, we have already defined our schedule there for Q1 2009:
Rule of Thumb: Every 2nd tuesday of month during Q1 2009, TEN Happy-Hour at Mentha is the best choice for executives, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals to exchange their business cards, to share their back-grounds and to meet new and very interesting people.

Looking forward to welcoming you and your peers consistently.

Thanks in advance,

Octavio Pitaluga

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