Saturday, April 23, 2005

I will be honoured to coach you

Reaching the dawn of my 40’s, I began to recall the whole journey up until now and started wondering how I would continue treading it for another 40 years, at least hopefully. I heard of coaching-related issues for the first time on the Ecademy network. I realized that I had actually had experience with coaching services but that it wasn’t called as such at that time. There were occasions for which I truly needed coaching services but there was no one available where I lived. In the past, I could have designed a better future had I had a reliable professional by my side. Given these considerations, I started studying coaching and have recently become ICC`s Certified Coach in a course coordinated by Joseph O´Connor and Andrea Lages O´Connor.

In short, coaching is about one’s life. Re-discovery. Partnership. Goals. Change. Action Planning. Resources. Support. Implementation. Best future scenario. Journey. Happiness.

Life and Professional Experience
During this pleasant Coaching Certification course – in terms of content and people – I remembered some interesting past experiences, including what I have learned from them and how I can use them to help to my coaching clients. Then, I listed some landmarks as follows:

  • In my early days, I was always at the head of the class. Why? Because I was free to choose my own path towards excellence.

  • Then, there was a major change: I attended Military School and was obliged to follow a hierarchy system that prevented me from being myself and with which I strongly disagree(d). As a result, my overall performance was miserable for the following few years.

  • I had to decide which career path to take at the early age of 16. At that time, my bet was on Veterinary Medicine because I used to ride horses. It was a huge mistake which cost me 10 years of my life !!!!! Had I had a coach……

  • I got back on track when I joined Kanematsu do Brasil and started working in the
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