Monday, April 25, 2005

Organizational Seminar - IE/UFRJ/ECEX

UFRJ´s Economy Institute invited me to present a Organizational Seminar recently. It was organized in 2 sessions of 3 hours each and presented to students of post-graduation in International Business (ECEX). I had already done a "test-drive" in partnership with UFRJ itself at Petrobras with good acceptance for my approach. The major reason for this seminar, at the beginning of this course, was the fact that many participants do not place enough emphasis on their final monograph. This paper is a "must-do" pre-requirement for the certification. Thus, some of these final papers do not bring the so expected quality, and at times, are not even delivered throwing away one-year of intensive efforts.

Our feeling is that many students are not aware that this certification is, in fact, a very important resource in order to reach a higher professional goal. The post-graduation brings along a set of very important resources and barely exploited so far: networking with classmates and professors, addition of a well-recognized brand to one´s curriculum, technical knowledge per se besides the diploma itself. All these valuable resources can be used in a unique way provided there is a clear arrival line set from day one.

In order to structure this seminar, I used Coaching methodology focused on its basic elements: goal, beliefs, values, tasks and habits. I also discussed about Coaching leadership style in comparison with other leadership styles. The format was half lecturing and half workshop stimulating active group participation, besides one task in between those two sessions.

Considering that basically none of the participants had ever heard of Coaching before, I understood that it was a very rich and enjoyable experience. The body language of many students showed good acceptance for debated points. I believe that I have reached my own goal that was to reassign the value of this course for student´s own careers, invite them to think deeply about it and make them assume a commitment with themselves for more ambitious goals than those initially foreseen. I hope that the maturation and profound understanding of the Coaching process will be quickly embedded bringing relevant gains to all.

Actually, I strongly believe that this seminar has space in the agenda of all courses in any University across the country. It is a very short-term seminar, extremely focused and brings a simple and straight-forward message that drives students towards immediate action. I would like this seminar to be understood as a kind invitation to deeply exploit everybody´s present in the search for a better future to each one of us.

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