Friday, August 03, 2007

International Survey on the use of Social Networks

Ulysses Consulting and Titans have announced the results of their survey on social networks worldwide. The survey was set up as research for the book “Social Networks Around The World: how is Web 2.0 changing your daily life?” by An De Jonghe, headhunter & social network expert.

Over 850 respondents from 54 countries took part in the online survey which was held from January 07 till July 07 on Titans

Thirty to forty year olds made up the largest number with 35%, followed by twenty to thirty year olds and forty to fifty year olds, each with 24%. The majority (75%) is employed and has a partner (66%); 44% has children. Surprisingly enough, only 27% of the respondents were women, although other research shows they are the majority of social network users.

The participants of the survey were from Europe, the USA, South-America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australia but the Top 10 showed the following results:
Belgium (27%), the United Kingdom and the United States (15%), France (6%), Germany and the Netherlands (4%), India (3%) and Canada, Australia and Tunesia (2%).

Participants could choose from 335 different social networks and indicate which ones they were a member of. The Top 10 consisted of: Linkedin, Xing, Ecademy, Facebook, MySpace, Viadeo, Ryze, Orkut, Hi5 en 360° Yahoo. Strikingly enough, the first three social networks are predominantly business networks. When asked what their main reason is to join a social network, 89% of the respondents quote “professional reasons”, against a mere 53% “keeping in touch with friends”. It seems that the term “social network” has less to do with “socializing” than with “networking” nowadays.

For more details on the results of this survey, please visit . Los resultados también se consultan en español.

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An De Jonghe
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