Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TEN NEWS - No. 5 - Jul, 2007

This month we celebrate the expansion of our team. We are attracting professionals with a wide diversity of backgrounds and networks namely associations, media and corporate events to mention a few. We will give more details from next month onwards once they are already perfoming their roles actively. Many thanks for being with us in this journey.

1. TEN Group on LinkedIN: More than 160 people has already registered within just one month. Please join us today!

2. Top countries stats ( m=75 ):
Brazil - 29%
U.S.A. - 21%
United Kingdom - 7%
Netherlands - 6%
India - 5%

France - 3%
Argentina - 2%
Germany - 2%
Italy - 2%
Spain - 2%

3. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj has contributed tremendously with TEN recently posting a number of meaningful articles:

a) The paramount importance of relationships

b) Tips to deal with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

c) The power of innovation

d) Brief self-coaching guidelines

e) Life Mapping: A Vision of Success

f) Insights of leadership

g) Ready for life change ?

4. Research on new web-site: Rich Weaver will be extremely thankful if you kindly express your opinion about MBC Global´s new web design. Read more...

5. InterAGIR-Rio: Ricardo Salles gave a nice interview to Rede Vida about InterAGIR Rio project. In addition, he has been participating in several business events in Rio de Janeiro state namely Merco Noroeste and I Rodada de Negócios de Valença on 03-04 August, 2007.

6. Job: Google´s Anne Koller is looking for Human Resources Business Partner in São Paulo. Read more...

7. Wifi project in Luxembourg: Our tireless contributor, Robert Bigdowski tell us how Ville de Luxembourg is installing cutting-edge Internet technology throughout Luxembourg city. Read more...

8. Grito de Alerta (Port): Beatriz Goldenberg makes a relevant point about the uniqueness of Rio de Janeiro´s inhabitants. Read more...

9. New groups: Rick Weaver has just joined us and will moderate the Business with the USA group.

10. Amigos para sempre ? (Port): what is the real value of a true friend ? I discuss this point here.

11. Free Speaking (Port): Please check my August agenda in Rio de Janeiro. Read more...

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